The best online casinos for gambling in Germany 2023

Online gambling online: in 2023 you will also be able to play many exciting gambling games online for real money. If you want to play roulette or blackjack, play the best Merkur or Novoline slot machines, bet on sports or lottery tickets, you will find a comparison of the best addresses here on this page. We’ll show you where you can gamble online and where you can find the best online gambling bonus offers.

One account per player, just like at the bank

Online casinos or sports betting providers must create a customer account for each of their players to legalise them. Since cash flows are like a bank account, they must be secured accordingly.

In addition, player data is controlled by the state controlling authority. Last but not least, deny minors access to the game. In addition, access must be easy for the player, otherwise he will switch to another provider.

However, with the right combination of security and convenience, requiring a dedicated player account can be a success factor and a unique selling point. The magic word „Know Your Customer“ leads to offers tailored to the player and increased sales.

Federal Internet Gambling Law Switzerland

Switzerland has two levels of gambling laws, federal and cantonal. Casino licences are issued by the Federal Casino Commission (ESBK). Lotteries and online gambling are administered by Comlot, the Swiss Lottery and Betting Office.

In 2018, the Gambling Act was passed to block the IP addresses of foreign online gambling sites. This was done to force operators to pay their fair share of taxes. The law went into effect in January 2019 during a transitional phase in which some sites and apps remain available until June. Since late June, all unlicensed online gambling options have been blocked. The Federal Internet Gambling Act is the Federal Gambling Act (BGS), also called the BGS. There have been three important updates to the Swiss gambling law.

  • 1923: Lotteries are permitted at state (cantonal) level.
  • 1998: Casinos are allowed. Casinos can be private, commercial companies. This law allows slot machines, card games and other traditional casino activities.
  • 2018: Online gambling is legal in Switzerland! Access to unlicensed websites and applications is blocked.

It is important to note that there are no monopolies in Switzerland. There are two lotteries and a large number of casinos and casino chains. At the time of this writing, both lotteries and neither casino have an online gambling presence. All gambling has been in Switzerland since most of the 20th century. century banned. century banned. A law passed by the government in 1921 banned all forms of such operations in the country.

Despite the fact that gambling is relatively new in Switzerland, a large number of citizens consider it a popular pastime. More than 50% of Swiss citizens regularly participate in the country’s national lottery. Given that casinos, poker and sports betting are completely legal, the industry is expected to become even more popular. Under Swiss law, there is a federal and cantonal oversight body to ensure proper enforcement of local gambling laws.

Make money online from gambling – Taxes

Gambling in Switzerland is legal, licensed and regulated. The exception is online betting, which is illegal under current Swiss gambling laws. Players will not be prosecuted for participating in gambling on foreign online gambling sites. The authorities are in the process of drafting legislation to allow the licensing and regulation of international gambling companies in Switzerland.

Gambling Tax Switzerland 

For players, casino winnings are exempt from individual taxes if the winnings come from licensed Swiss casinos. On the other hand, winnings from unauthorised casino games are not taxed, but are subject to income tax. As already mentioned, the Internet Gambling Act in Switzerland was amended last year just to allow legal gambling on the Internet. Lotteries have already put their websites into operation. Casinos will be available by mid-year. Meanwhile, international sites are still available from Switzerland. We believe that many Swiss casinos are partnering with existing online operators to get into the market quickly.